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King Precision Solutions is a machine shop that offers precision CNC machining, Swiss lathe machining, Tool and Die polishing, and Tool repair services. Based in Erie, PA on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie, we serve customers throughout the region and across the entire country. We are a second generation owned, all American shop that has been doing business since 1990. We pride ourselves on American made quality products.

Over the years, we’ve continued to grow and expand our services, bringing in top of the line Swiss lathe machines and investing in the best tool and die polishers in the region. Our years of experience in the Tool and Die industry taught us precision and attention to detail, and while we no longer build molds, we transferred all that culture to the machining side of the industry. Our desire to grow and improve continues to drive us into new territories. Even after all of these years, we still love what we do. The only thing we love more than the work we do is working with our customers to get them exactly what they need. We work very hard each day to be transparent, honest, and to work as a team to give the customer the feeling we are committed to them as an extension of their own business. We will do whatever it takes to make them successful.

Our Values

We apply common sense and ethical principles in leading and operating our business. All people are created equally; we treat everyone with dignity and respect. Honesty and integrity are imperatives in all our dealings, with employees and customers alike. We seek employees who value work and enjoy working with others, and who are positive, dedicated, enthusiastic, and loyal.

We ensure a culture and work environment that is open, fair and accepting. We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, gender, color, age, religion, national origin or disability. We strive to develop and sustain a healthy and safe work environment. As responsible corporate citizens, we invest in our community. We endeavor to earn and maintain the trust of our customers, our fellow employees and our suppliers. We are dedicated to continuous improvements and professional craftsmanship. We actively invest in our people, our plant, and technologies.

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King Precision Solutions’ capabilities include our Machine Shop, Swiss Shop, and Polish Shop. We offer high-quality, precision CNC machining services for prototyping, production, and fixturing. With advanced software and skilled, experienced engineers, we provide a range of machining services such as surface grinding, CNC 2D/3D milling, EDM, and more. Our Swiss shop has Swiss lathe machines that can manufacture parts to tolerances of ± 0.0002. Additionally, we offer tool and die polishing services with experienced polishers and modern facilities. We provide turnkey solutions for the polishing industry with machining capabilities, laser welding capabilities, plating capabilities, and more. We can work with a variety of materials and have the capability to meet any customer requirements.

The Machine Shop

King Precision Solutions is a second generation owned machine shop on the shores of Lake Erie specializing in a variety of CNC machining services. We have decades of industry experience, state of the art machinery, modern software, and the best machining strategies.

We have invested a great deal of time in purchasing tooling and work holding systems to cut down on set up times, which in turn saves the customer money and makes us more competitive to win new projects.

The Swiss Shop

When we started our Swiss machining department, we wanted to have the best possible Swiss machine available. After lengthy discussions, we invested in a real Swiss machine directly from Switzerland. We now house some of the best CNC Swiss machines in the world, giving us the ability to manufacture high quality, cost effective products with great efficiency and tight tolerances that repeat from part to part.

When you add in our decades of experience and expertise, our Swiss lathe machining services have now become one of our main focuses of growth. Our years of experience, high quality machinery, and modern software allow us to provide complex products to our customers. Our most important asset is our transparency and our availability to respond to any of your concerns or questions within minutes, not the next day like most vendors. We pride ourselves on being responsive as we understand every project is critical and decisions have to be made in a timely manner to maintain a healthy partnership.

The Polish Shop

King Precision Solutions has a long history of providing quality manufacturing to their customers. Our first business as family entrepreneurs was building a premier Tool and Die shop and an injection molding firm in our home town in Erie PA. Since those humble beginnings in 1990, we have since moved on from building molds and producing plastic parts. In 2015 we saw a need to expand our services and we set out to create the best Tool and Die polishing company in the region. First, we hired the best, most experienced polishers, with an average of over 25 years of trade experience. At one time this region was the Tool and Die capital of the world, and the talent here is second to none. We then outfitted them with the best hand tools and microscopes available, and housed all of this in an ultra-modern, state of the art, climate controlled facility. We haven’t looked back since.

King Precision Solutions

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