The Polish Shop

The Polish Shop


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King Precision Solutions has a long history of providing quality manufacturing to their customers. Our first business as family entrepreneurs was building a premier Tool and Die shop and an injection molding firm in our home town in Erie PA. Since those humble beginnings in 1990, we have since moved on from building molds and producing plastic parts. In 2015 we saw a need to expand our services and we set out to create the best Tool and Die polishing company in the region. First, we hired the best, most experienced polishers, with an average of over 25 years of trade experience. At one time this region was the Tool and Die capital of the world, and the talent here is second to none. We then outfitted them with the best hand tools and microscopes available, and housed all of this in an ultra-modern, state of the art, climate controlled facility. We haven’t looked back since.

King Precision Solutions now serves Tool and Die shops and injection molders around the country. Putting together an experienced team of polishers, getting all of the best equipment, and having a top notch facility goes a long way towards making us your polisher of choice, but what really sets us apart is our ability to down load files and check critical surfaces with our in house CMM to hold critical surfaces within .0002 and provide documentation to our customers.

We are very flexible, as we polish parts that take a microscope to see fine detail to polishing blocks that weigh 1000 lbs. Our newest endeavor is (Precision Polishing). We have a few customers in the medical industry requiring critical sizes to be maintained, and that requires us to inspect dimensions before and after polish. We use high power measuring microscopes, and a Calibrated CMM to hold the most important features within .0002. We have created a full quality control lab set up for this function. Times have changed, the product is getting smaller and tolerances are getting tighter, the old days of just taking machine marks out and calling it good is over.

Polishing is an important last step before a tool goes into production that often gets overlooked. Skipping this step can affect the cosmetic finish and release of the molded part. A quality polish will assist tools to run more efficiently and reduce cycle times. Our deep knowledge and experience in this area sets us apart from the competition.

With our extensive machining capabilities, we cater to Tool and Die repair, we will refurbish cores and cavities, laser weld features and edges, re-machine surfaces to sharpen up features, re-polish and plate if needed, one stop shop.

Services Offered

  • Precision machining to assist in the repair of your tooling needs (CNC hard milling, grinding, and EDM ± 0.0002)
  • Laser welding capabilities
  • Plating capabilities
  • 8000 lbs capacity
  • 12,500 square foot climate controlled facility


  • Dry Blast Fine-Heavy
  • Stone Finishes 150-1500 grit
  • Paper Finishes 220-2500 grit
  • Diamond Finishes A1-A2-A3-Optical

Industries Served


Multi Cavitation


Consumer Products


Automotive Lens


Electronic Connectors





King Precision Solutions has all of the manufacturing tools and experience to create quality products for all of our customers. The next step is hearing from you. Get in touch with us and tell us all about your upcoming project, and we’ll work together as a team. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and we’re excited to get started!

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